Just for Seniors: Class of 2018


Hello SENIORS!!! Below are downloadable resources and information which will help you work through the college application process this year. Your school counselors here to support you with questions or help!  :)

Questions about Senior News & Events?  http://www.chsknights.com/news/senior-news-events/


Centennial High School CEEB Code: 112623

arrowLink: How to Request a Transcript 

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Turn in 2 parts of your SENIOR PROFILE (Student & Parent Portions) to your counselor

How to Meet with a College Rep coming to CHS

How to get Excused from School to visit a College:  College Campus Visitation Form

College Campus Visit Checklist

College Fair Checklist

Your College Application Checklist

High School and Community Activities Record

Link to The Common Application:  https://www.commonapp.org/Login

What Colleges Look For in a Letter of Recommendation

College Essay Writing Tips


How do I find out my HOPE GPA?


Go to GAFutures.org and sign in to your existing account. Click on MY HOPE GPA on the left side of the screen in a teal box.

Explore HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships: HOPE GPA Calculation and Eligibility (GSFC, September 2016)

GPA Worksheet

2016-2017 HOPE Scholarship Rigor Requirements (GSFC, August 2011)

List of Courses Which Meet the HOPE Academic Rigor Requirement (GSFC, July 2016)

Approved 4th Science Course Options (GA DOE, June 2015)