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TOP WEBSITES for finding scholarships for college

Guide to a Debt Free College Degree:

Financial Aid for Online Colleges:



Click to view: Financial Aid Classroom Guidance  

Power Point presentation supplies tips on how to easily FIND eligible scholarships


HOPE Scholarship Program 

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HOPE Scholarship Criteria

Zell Miller Scholarship Criteria




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Five reasons to complete the FAFSA

The top 3 questions about the FAFSA

FSA  public service campaign to promote the availability of financial aid for college

Information provided by the Georgia Department of Education

Georgia Financial Aid Programs:
• ACCEL • Georgia Military College State Service Scholarship Loan Program HERO Scholarship • HOPE GED Grant • HOPE Grant • HOPE Scholarship • North Georgia College & State University Military Scholarship Loan • North Georgia College & State University ROTC Grant and ROTC Grant for Future Officers • Public Safety Memorial Grant • Scholarship for Engineering Education Program • Student Access Loan (SAL) Program • Tuition Equalization Grant • Zell Miller Scholarship


Ten Golden Rules for Winning Scholarships

These tips will help you get scholarships to pay for college:

  1. Start Early – Start looking Junior Year. Many scholarships have early application deadlines.
  2. Speak with your high school guidance counselor or scholarship adviser. These people may be able to lead you to local, regional or national scholarships that you won’t easily find elsewhere.
  3. If you are a volunteer or active in a community, school or religious group, ask the adviser, sponsor or benefactor about scholarships. These people may be able to suggest and connect you with scholarship opportunities.
  4. Check out online sources. There are many scholarship websites as well as Internet sites of scholarship sponsors that profile scholarship opportunities. Many high schools post scholarship opportunities in the Guidance Office or on the Guidance Department web site. Since many scholarships are local, state and regional, it’s a good idea to seek out scholarship web sites and listings for other schools in your area.
  5. Read Application Requirements – Make sure you are eligible. Otherwise you are probably wasting you time.
  6. Follow Instructions Explicitly – Most scholarships are very competitive and errors can eliminate you from consideration.
  7. Tailor your application essay to the sponsoring organziation – Resist sending your standard essay with a simple name change.
  8. Proofread your Application Carefully – Errors can result in a quick denial.
  9. Be Active – Student leaders and those active in athletics, clubs and community service are more likely to win college scholarship.
  10. Maintain your GPA – Keep your grades up. A minimum GPA is required for many scholarships. Strong academic performance will make you eligible for more scholarship opportunities.

Information from (courtesy ScholarshipRoadMap and Phrazorp LLC)