How to Request a Transcript


Submit Your Transcript Request

Pull your GREEN CARD from the Transcript Requests box on Mrs. White’s desk.

Complete the form by filling out one line for each transcript you are requesting: example, If you need 3 transcripts, you will fill out 3 lines on the card.

Once completed, TURN IN the card into Mrs. White.


Information You Will Need to Complete Your Request:


Know your Deadline!!

It takes time for a transcript request to be processed. You need to make sure requests are submitted at least 10 school days BEFORE their deadline.


Electronic or Paper?

Transcripts can be submitted electronically via to:

There is no charge for electronic transcripts. If you complete a hard/paper application, then you will need to request a PAPER TRANSCRIPT.  Students are expected to follow up with the college to ensure that their transcript has been received.

STUDENTS CAN request transcripts using their GAFutures account… however your transcript will not be submitted to a college until we have received a completed transcript card request corresponding to the online request.


Recommendation Required?

Check the college or scholarship website to see if a counselor recommendation is required.  If you need a counselor recommendation:

—  OR  —

*** If a counselor recommendation is required, you must turn in a completed senior profile ***